The SQLite BETWEEN clause is used to extract values within a given range.
SQLite BETWEEN has the same syntax as in SQL Server, it is used for records between two defined values.
Note that BETWEEN is written after the WHERE clause, and uses the AND clause to fix the given range.


The SQLite BETWEEN syntax is as follows:

SELECT column_name1, column_name2, ...
FROM table_name
WHERE column_name BETWEEN low_range AND high_range;


Table of student_address

address_id city country
100 San Antonio US
101 San Jose US
102 Philadelphia US
103 Austin US
104 Boston US
105 Seattle US

For example, to return the student address in the range between 102 and 104, use the keyword BETWEEN followed by the given range.

SELECT address_id, city, country 
FROM student_address 
WHERE address_id BETWEEN 102 AND 104;


address_id city country
102 Philadelphia US
103 Austin US
104 Boston US