SQLite LOWER function

The SQLite LOWER function is a built-in function that converts a string to lowercase. It takes one argument, which is the string that needs to be converted to lowercase.


The syntax of the LOWER function in SQLite is as follows:


Here, the string argument is the input string that needs to be converted to lowercase.

The LOWER function is useful when you want to perform case-insensitive string comparisons or when you want to display the text in a consistent case. For example, you can use the LOWER function to convert all the text entered in a search field to lowercase before executing a search query. This ensures that the search results include matches for both uppercase and lowercase variations of the same word.


Here’s an example of using the LOWER function in a SQL query:

FROM users 
WHERE LOWER(name) = 'john';

In this query, the LOWER function is used to convert the name column to lowercase before comparing it with the string ‘john’. This query will return all the rows where the name column is equal to ‘john’ in any case.

It’s important to note that the LOWER function only works with ASCII characters. If you need to convert a string to lowercase that contains non-ASCII characters, you should use the Unicode-aware lower() function instead.