One of the key features of SQLite is its support for a wide range of query operators, including the OR operator. The OR operator is a logical operator that is used to combine two or more conditions in a query. In SQLite, the OR operator is used to specify that a record should be selected if either one condition or the other is true.

For example, suppose you have a table of customer data that includes columns for first name, last name, and email address. You could use the OR operator to select all records that have either the first name “John” or the last name “Smith”, like this:

FROM customers 
WHERE first_name = 'John' OR last_name = 'Smith';

This query will return all records where the first name is “John” or the last name is “Smith”.

It’s important to note that the OR operator can also be combined with other operators, such as the AND operator, to create more complex queries. For example, you could use the following query to select all records where the first name is “John” and the last name is “Smith”, or the email address is “email_address”:

FROM customers 
WHERE (first_name = 'John' AND last_name = 'Smith') 
OR email = 'email_address';

This query uses parentheses to group the conditions for the AND operator, and then combines them with the OR operator to create a more complex query.

In summary, the OR operator is a powerful tool in SQLite that allows you to select records based on multiple conditions. By combining the OR operator with other operators, you can create complex queries that provide more precise control over the data you retrieve from your database.