SQLite SIN function

SQLite’s SIN function is a built-in mathematical function that returns the sine of a given angle in radians. The sine function is a fundamental trigonometric function, and it relates the angle of a right triangle to the ratio of the length of its opposite side to its hypotenuse.


The syntax for the SIN function in SQLite is as follows:


Here, X is the angle in radians for which the sine needs to be calculated. The SIN function returns a floating-point value that represents the sine of the given angle.


For example, if you want to find the sine of an angle of 45 degrees, you need to convert it to radians first by multiplying it with π/180 (since there are π radians in 180 degrees). So, the syntax for finding the sine of 45 degrees in SQLite would be:

SELECT SIN(45 * PI() / 180);

This would return the value 0.707106781186548, which is the sine of 45 degrees in radians.

In addition to the SIN function, SQLite also provides other mathematical functions such as COS, TAN, ASIN, ACOS, ATAN, and ATAN2, which can be used to perform various mathematical calculations. These functions can be useful in a wide range of applications, from scientific calculations to financial analysis.